Saffron and Henna Sun Rise

1-May 1 Sun Rise with Mount Diablo
1-May 1 Sun Rise with Mount Diablo
3-VASCOCam edit

Last week I participated in One Word Challenge Sun and became fascinated with how to take a photo of the sun and make it interesting. This couple played their part by basking in the golden moment for quit a while. I would like to think it was a romantic moment  Looking ay the pictures I took from May-day I realized I liked all of them because they were shot at sunrise, the golden hour. My last 2 post also had May-Day images.

Red Bud Leaf Sized Bird

4-Wren though the Kitchen Window

This tiny bird is admiring her reflection in the kitchen window. It was a Where’s Waldo moment I stepped back far enough so not to frighten her and clicked in the direction of the  window. The top one is cropped more

5-Where's the Wren?
5-Where’s the Wren?

Lens and Pens

Any thoughts are welcomed!
Happy Monday

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10 thoughts

  1. While I like all three of your golden hour capture, I believe that two is just the right balance between mystery and telling. The sun at this hour brings such a dimension to an image that I am drawn to one too. That almost complete unknown gives the viewer much play with a narrative. Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. I agree with Sally that number 2 is my favorite. To me, it has just the right balance of sun and closeness. That little bird looks almost unreal, as if someone made him out of slightly fluffy, white material. 🙂



    1. The little bird dose look like an ornament made of Cotten balls I guess 😉
      I thank you and Sally for reminding me to remain authentic. the second foto is as it was shot not much editing. Trusting the shot is important.


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