One Word Challenge Cloudy Leads to a Mother’s Day Story

Five Stories Challenge #1

Roses reaching for the clouds

Roses reaching for the cloud

The Mother”s Day Rose

This rose-bush was here when we moved in over 30 years ago I have no idea of its type or name but it seems to bloom just in time for Mother’s Day so when folks ask I say The Mother’s Day Rose. Dose anyone remember the Mother’s Day tradition of wearing to church red or pink roses if your mother was alive and white if she was not?  What if you didn’t have any roses? Oh now I remember my play mates and I made Kleenex flowers. It was a special treat to get the scented pink ones for the project.  Lets see we folded them into fans put a Bobbie-pin in the middle then opened them up.. For some reason we tore the edges and a big cloud of tissue was all over the dinning room table. Happy Mother’s day indeed!

Then agin how sad was it for those who didn’t have a living Mother? I’m glad we no longer have to wear designated colored roses for Mother’s Day!

For One Word challenge Cloudy and Nurturing Thursday

13 thoughts on “One Word Challenge Cloudy Leads to a Mother’s Day Story

  1. Now that you mention it — I vaguely remember both the colored roses, and making “Kleenex” ones! Thank you for sharing with Nurturing Thursday! It is great to “see” you!


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