Another Sunday Story from the Back Yard:
I went out to take a photo of an unknown flower that began to bloom this week, hoping to share it on this weeks Odd Ball Challenge to see if any one would recognize it. On the way I noticed Mrs. Turkey dancing on the garage roof but I have so many pictures of her I passed her by and continued to focus on the blooming bushed festooned with a butterfly.

Odd volunteer flower-Butterfly Bush?
Odd volunteer flower-Butterfly Bush?

Still looking up I noticed in the walnut tree near-by a large hopping chirping birds, larger then the usual turtle doves. On closer inspection they appeared to be baby turkeys! No wonder mama turkey was pacing around the garage roof.

Baby turkey in rt. corner
Baby turkeys in the walnut tree (rt. corner)

Maybe I was too close, the next thing I knew Mom called out and soon the whole family had hopped down and were strolling through the neighbor’s yard. I said a few weeks ago I hadn’t seen the baby turkeys before: well here they are!

Whole Turkey family
Whole Turkey family next door.

One more oddity: Look behind Mom that is a 6 foot artichoke plant. I have never seen one that tall, Have you? Perhaps it’s because they neighbors make their own compost, Maybe it grows turkeys too!I
I have to get me some.

I was encouraged to keep writing animal stories to go with my photo because last week’s Cat Story  was a featured story on Odd Ball Challenge. Thank You Cee.

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And thank everyone for sharing their critter stories. Keep it up.



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