As the longest day of the year draws near the angle of the sun on the garden varies so that only one day the artichokes appeared to glow from within. I chose a black and white App “Manual” and got off about 5 shots before the sun changed and the glow disappeared.

Here’s 3 Let me know what you think.

Happy Solstice

For Sally D’s Lens and Pens

16 thoughts

  1. I like that second photo with its focus on that one segment of the plant. You’re so right about having to get photos fast when the light is where you want it.


  2. They’re a beauty–I’ve not seen the leaves of an artichoke plant. The light gives them even more definition. The second and third one shows what I think is a spent flower. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. Thank you! I was focusing on the spent flowers as you noticed…Artichoke plants are our neighborhood street trees almost. We don’t get snow but we get artichokes 🙂
      Next time you get out this way come in late July or early August for artichoke viewing!


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