Let’s look down.
Two post today challenged us to look at what is under foot. Cee gave the black and white challenge of ground and Marilyn Armstrong‘s was floors. I have had so much fun going through my archives to come up with prospective images of where we walk and what supports us.I didn’t know I had so many. I hope you enjoy looking at them as I did finding them. Some our pretty funny!

Marble Floor of Rincon Center
Marble Floor of Rincon Center
Wet Church Floor
Wet Church Floor
Our deck with yes, that's a skunk!
Our deck with yes, that’s a skunk!

Can’t leave out dogs when we speak of underfoot

How Many Dogs do you see?
How many dogs do you see?

Hope you notice the tiny frog

Concrete Floor in an unfinished bathroom( Not at my home)
Concrete Floor in an unfinished bathroom( Not at my home!)

Friends and photography students see what you get when you “just take the picture!”

Show me what’s underfoot in your world.

Also Want to give a Shout  Out to
Becca Givens and her Nurturing Thursday Post.

9 thoughts

  1. It’s funny about the whole floors thing. I too started looking through the old files and discovered I have hundreds, maybe thousands, of pictures which were mostly ground or floor. I guess what’s underfoot is a bigger deal in our world than we thought 🙂 Thanks for joining. It’s fun to have so many pictures and voices.


    1. I have two accidental fotos of just my hardwood floor and I kept them. Never have noticed all these if you hadn’t put up the challenge. Thanks
      Can’t wait for your next challenge. 🙂


  2. Yikes, you were brave getting so close to the skunk! Or did you take the picture through a window and crop it — I have to admit that’s what I would have done! 🙂


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