1-In Flight
1-In Flight

Can you guess the bird?

2-In Flight
2-In Flight

Do I spoil the mystery and tell you what great bird in flight this is or just let it be a grand image of flight?  We mature enough to handle the juxtaposition of image and actuality. So it is a turkey taking off from the lumber rack of our truck on a short flight to our roof. I have fiddled with the image on many apps but I’ll leave just these two for today.

I offer from Sally D’s Mobile Photography post today a few words I find inspiring “Photography is one of its progeny (technology) that emulates and exudes triumphant experimentation”.

Another flight of Fancy

Yesterday at an art fair in The Crain Way Pavilion in Richmond CA I came upon the work of Mark Stephenson who pushes photography to an almost alchemical demotion by printing on aluminum plating. I fascinated by the process and outcome . He allowed my to photograph one of his works of water in a stream but there was so much reflection a new images was created. I would never claim his work as mine but totally dumbfounded by results of the play of light. Just for you to see here it is an experiment in light and water. The squiggly white lines are made from fast running water shot at show shutter speed.

The windows of Crain Way Pavilion reflected
The windows of Crain Way Pavilion in reflection of work by Mark Stephenson

Let me know what you think.

Happy Challengers Choice Monday.

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16 thoughts

  1. Your last image really drew me into its complexity. The reflections work so well to make your own photo. It reminds me of a dream world where anything can occur. Thanks for your thoughtful words about my post today. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. Dream World-good description! I often look for possibilities to tell a between the worlds story. It means a lot, coming from you, to know I have made it my own, thank you.
      Happy Summer
      Hope yours is fruitful


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