Katydid and Canna CanCan

Kadee-Did on Canna
Katydid on Canna

Actually it’s a green grasshopper 

I Can’t stop Taking photos of the Cannas on my back door step, the ones my neighbor brought from Africa, that had to stay in quarantine for months before they could be planted. They gladly shared them when they were split. Now it will soon be time to split and share mine.

Cacophony of Summer
Cacophony of Summer
Ode To Gaiety
Be wise and go merry round
whatever you cherish
what you love to enjoy what you live to exert
And when the high spirits
call your number up
count on merriment all the way to the countdown
Long live hilarity euphoria and flumadiddle
Long live gaiety
for all the laity
~ James Broughton ~
Yeah flumadiddle!
While were celebrating love to hear what you think.

16 thoughts

  1. Very cool shot, Carol, that first one and what beautiful flowers! Just in case you want to re-add your link, the one you have at Sally’s goes back to her site, not yours.



  2. I love Canna’s. And if I remember right your Mother did too. I thought I’d lost mine with the drought we had, but this year they came back. Not as many but at least I have some.



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