Radiant Summer Shots

Succulent Carousel from another POV
Succulent Carousel from another POV

“What’s A Matter U? “
Rocky and Bullwinkle

Sunburst Neutrinos
Neutrinos in the living room. Created with the Matter Photo App

“Neutrinos are now understood to oscillate between different flavors in flight.” Wikipedia.

That right flavors, not a typo. I thought this App enhanced photo appeared to look like a sub atomic particle and neutrino seemed about right. But to discover it has “flavor of light”  What a happy Discovery for a photographer! Perfect for Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge. The Flavors of this photo are made from a greatly manipulated sunset and an ordinary empty living room from and an open house.



13 thoughts

    1. I had fun with it but I can’t tell you what I did. I have to be inspired with a few very simple images to want to work with it. Defiantly keep it it in my tool box, Hipstamatic is my go to app for now.


      1. ProCamera 8 has just replaced Camera+ as my go-to camera app when I want something other than Hipstamatic. Ω


  1. Light always tastes good to me, Carol, unless I’m trying to sleep. I downloaded the Matter app, but I’m not really sure how I’ll use it yet. I liked the way your second photo mimicked the first.



    1. Not sure how I’ll use it either I think we need to give ourselves some Sifi challenges.
      I WAS trying to mimick the first image good catch,
      Tasting light and hearing color that is I think called synithisia sp?
      Happy Monday


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