Woke up with a little 4.1 tumbler this morning. Anyone else feel it?


Picnicking above the dry creek bed I noticed children bolder hopping among the rocks.  Interested in conversations it was hard to break away to get a photo. The kids were escapees from family get-together so they were not the usual ragged jean types.  I captured one young lady ready to take a leap. The header images is the original from iPhone 5s native camera.

End of summer
2-Boulder Hopper  Hipstamatic Landscape
Bolder Hopper close up
3-Bolder Hopper close up

Let me know what you think.

Sally D’s B&W Challenge



16 thoughts

  1. Like your new blog :look.” The young girl who is boulder hopping has my full attention. I enjoy the first shot (#2) where I get to see more of the surroundings and her challenge. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. thanks The new looks help’s me add a little extra to the posts. Your comment this time really helps me think through how to choose images. too often I’m tempted to zoom in for details and leave out details that tell a bigger story. Thank You.
      Happy Monday Challenge


  2. I didn’t feel the shake this morning, but I get a kick out of the child hopping uphill on the rocks. Your first photo is my favorite—great composition and contrast to the image. Ω


    1. I’ve been offline all afternoon I guess it got kicked off during the quake?? Reset the rauter.
      Interesting you like the first one. It is a Hipstamatic edit. You have radar for it.


  3. Yup…we sure felt that sharp jolt this morning!…and heard it too! I got even more of an adrenalin rush from that earthquake/jolt than from my “less than graceful,” and sometimes “jarring” rock hopping on a very rocky river, throughout the past month!


      1. Oh, I didn’t post about the river…but that rocky river was the Pemigewasset River, in Lincoln, New Hampshire…so many rocks for hoping on and over!..and bumping shins on too! ( there were a few rocky roads and many rocky trails too…lots of rocks!)


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