Summer specializes in time, slows it
down to almost a dream. Jennifer Grotz

1 Toss Through the Gate
1 Toss through The Gate after sunset

 Deer Dream though the plum branches

2-He slept here in our yard last night


3-Edge of Summer
3-Edge of Summer

My photo poetry offering for Sally D’s Mobil Photo Challenge

Ode to Dry Summer
A strange brown sky version of summer never begun
now ended settles over us
a blanket laid out to watch the stars
that never appeared.

Photo 1 is a Hispstmatic cropped version of the header
Photo 2 is a snapshot of last nights visitor
Photo 3 an accidental shot but I couldn’t have planed it better
Lover to hear what you think

Happy Monday


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17 thoughts

  1. It was a strange Summer this year, for sure. I like your photos for this post. They capture the mood this year.


  2. Oh, how I agree with Allan and you, and we all live in different parts of the country. It was not a good year for the vegetable garden. But everything else seemed to thrive. It’s quite strange. But here in the Mid Atlantic, we should not complain. Allan has to withstand drought and smokey skies and heat. Happy Photo Challenge.


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