Tree Portraits From Around The Bay For Cee’s Black and White Challenge

My Old Apple Tree


hipstamatic edit

Stand of Monterey Pines

Soon to be removed

Soon to be removed because of age

Cyprus and Starlings

Where Strawberry Creek enters the Bay

Where Strawberry Creek enters the Bay

I could fill 2 post with tree images here is the flavor of our local trees. The Header is a stand of eucalyptus  shot in native camera the at sunset black and white comes naturally  with just a hint of gold.

I am proud to announce this post is a Featured Blog for this Challenge Thank you Cee!


Cee’s Black and White Challenge

For Bay Area folks My iPhoto Classes  Starting Soon



Ages 18 and older

Do you just point and shoot with your smart phone or tablet because you haven’t learned to maximize the camera? Are your photos out of focus or uninteresting? During this class you will learn the functions of the camera, basic exposure, composition techniques and apps that will help you to push your pictures to the next level. During each class there will be time for step-by-step demonstration, as well as time for practice with one on one instruction.

Date                         Day                          Time                Meets             R            NR

Sept 15-Oct 20        Tues                          6:30-8                 6X               $54          $64

Instructor: Carol Carlisle

Location:  Albany Senior Center, Senior/Youth Annex

Min: 5  Max:  10

Smart Phone and Tablet Photography for Beginners


Calling all Shutter Bugs with a Smart Phone or Tablet!

This class is designed to enable even the most timid photographers to be proud of their photos. There will be time in each class for step-by-step demonstrations, practicing new skills on short local “fun photo Safaris,” problem solving, and individual/group sharing. You will learn to take, edit and share photographs.

Date                         Day                          Time                Meets             R            NR

Sept 2-Oct 21         Wed                           1-2:30                 8X               $44          $49

Oct 28-Dec 16        Wed                           1-2:30                 7X               $39          $44

Location:  Albany Senior Center, South Room

12 thoughts on “Tree Portraits From Around The Bay For Cee’s Black and White Challenge

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  2. Nice B&Ws this week, Carol. The first and third ones grabbed my attention. The 1st one very graphic and the 3rd one had a lot of motion—the birds and the sweep of the tree.

    Good luck with your classes this Fall. I’m sure your students will learn a lot from you.

    Liked by 1 person

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