Touching for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Creative Touch

Lost Touch and Don’t Touch!

Contrast of Textures Silky Water and Sharp Pine Needles


Golden Gate Bridge Though Pine Branches

Dare You to Touch It!

Beach Still life

Beach Still life


It's that grain rain and it really is that color

It’s that grain and it really is that color

Header the hubbies foto of a pine bark.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Touch

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13 thoughts on “Touching for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

      • I missed my guess big-time with that combination. Thanks for the info. It interests me how one combination can yield such different results depending on the time of day or the angle of view with respect to the light source.

        I did the same thing—bought the whole package. I have been getting a lot out of the Hipstography website lately. A lot of talented people sharing their methods and workflows. It takes time, but the results are worth it. I like what you are doing with the app.


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