Waiting for the Moon

1-Sunset High atop Sanoma Mountain Road
1-Sunset High atop Sonoma Mountain Road Native Camera

The Great Moon Hunt of ‘015 We knew the East Bay would be foggy so we drove North out of the fog belt to Sonoma County  and followed the pencil line road to the highest point. There we found a couple with their camera’s all set up facing East so we knew we were in the right place.
I wondered off while we were waiting and found this handsome guy.

2-Mr." I don't care how bloody cool the moon is I'm not jumping over it!"
2-Mr.” I don’t care how bloody cool the moon is I’m not jumping over it!”
3-The Pink Dot is the Moon. From Camera Plus
3-The Pink Dot is the Moon. From Camera Plus
4-Moon at 4:20 this Morning Histaminic
4-Moon at 4:20 this Morning Hipstamatic

Hope you enjoyed the adventure as much as I did.

Let me know what you think of the pictures.

For Lens and Pens

14 thoughts

    1. I think the wonder of the eclipse was being out at night with friends neighbors or even strangers. For once everyone on this planet was focused on a beautiful natural event as opposed to war or disaster!
      Glad you saw pockets!


  1. #3 has a very “Van Gogh” feel to it. A Foggy Starry Night perhaps? I like your last shot (and your ability to stick-to-it until you get your image).


    1. You are the umpteenth person to call #3 a Van Gogh. It wasn’t fog it was just really low light that became very pixlated when edited to get any image. There was a guy with a bread-box sized camera that got a few nice shots.
      I don’t sleep well during full moon so I get lucky shots wondering about looking out the windows.


      1. I used to get opportunities for those great night shots when I was on Graveyard shift, so I sympathize with your sleep schedule. At least you are being productive and getting good results.


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