Ready Made Odd Ball Photos For Cee’s Week 40 Challenge

Wrong Way Panorama

Sky From Parking Stucture

Sky Over Oakland From Kaiser Parking Structure

Last week there was a beautiful mix of clouds over the Bay Area. In order to get a good shot I took the elevator to the roof and began shooting. It was really hot so I was in a hurry and didn’t pay attention to which way the I was holding my phone when I took this Panorama. It has become one of those photos I just can’t hit delete on I’m glad it has a place in Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge “which  is all about those great photos that we just can’t hit delete and get rid of them”. 

A Real Odd Ball

Milkweed Pod??

Milkweed Seed Pod??

Immediately thought of Odd Ball Challenge when I saw this big prickly ball at the nursery this week.


14 thoughts on “Ready Made Odd Ball Photos For Cee’s Week 40 Challenge

  1. Love your title: Wrong Way Panorama. I have a laptop and so only saw the top of the photo, thought it was clouds with scenery, then got a jolt when I scrolled down: ugly light fixture. My first thought was that it was the Bart station. The contrast was startling.


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