Day After Halloween Not so Itsy-Bitsy Scary Face Spider

1Spider Camera +
1-Spider Camera +

Nature Will Find A Way
When we came out morning after Halloween Spider Woman had spun a web that was able to span the 6 feet of our Halloween decorated front arbor (see previous post) . I had to duck under Her web to get the Sunday paper. Once on the other side I used the macro on Camera+ to capture the details. These fancy spider are so common around here so I am always looking for a new way to portray them. Here’s some other edits.I especially want to get rid of the distraction of the shingles on the house in the background.

2-Sketch Phototoaster
3-Histamatic edit of 1

How does that song go about an old woman that swallowed a spider?

4-The Old Woman who stepped on a spider...
4-This is The Old Woman who stepped on a spider…

Hope you all are surviving the change of season. IT’S RAINING HERE YEA!!!!

Let me know what you think

Sally D’s Mobile Photo Nature Challenge

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13 thoughts

  1. Carol, those apps did wonders for your captures. My favorite is Hipstamatic (what can I say, I am such a fan of that app). That’s one huge spider. It’s that time here too with spider webs everywhere. What do they do the rest of the year? Must investigate why they are so active in autumn. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. Histamatic is otherworldly.
      About the spiders
      I once saw this black spot on the side of my house when I touched it hundreds of tiny spiders swarmed out. It was spring time. That’s a lot of growing in 6 months. Amazing creatures
      Happy Monday


  2. Carol, I’m not a fan of spiders, but this is a great shot. Love the details, down to the hair on its legs.

    The old woman who swallowed/stepped on a spider sounds like a children’s story. 🙂


  3. Interesting sketch photo and I am surprised at how the photo turned out. You have inspired me to try this with some of our own insect populations. Sally’s challenge = Well done!


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