Pablo and Friend for Sally D’s Black and White Challenge

1-Pedro and Friend

1-Pablo and Friend

2-View of Pedro Hipstamatic Portrait Edit

2-Pablo Hipstamatic Portrait Edit

3- Pedro

3- Pablo and friend with twinkle lights

How to tell a story with a sculpture.

Pablo is a life-sized sculpture that sits quietly on the corner of Forth Street and Hearst a busy upscale shopping area in West Berkeley. Children climb on him, tourist pose with him but many folks just pass him by, ignoring his oversized feet and hands and penetrating gaze.  I’ve never tried to photograph him  because I aways thought it would just be just a documentation. Then  last week this perfect moment presented itself. The setting sun lit him up and the newly installed Holliday lights came on AND a Madonna like figure appeared over his shoulder thanks to an open door. Add the beauty and drama of B&W Pablo tell a nice start.

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Sally D’s Mobile Black and White Photography



11 thoughts on “Pablo and Friend for Sally D’s Black and White Challenge

  1. Carol, lucky you to be able to stroll around Berkeley and savor its visual flare. The Hipstamatic version (monochromatic) gives your capture a softer approach to appreciating your framing. Nicely done. Happy Photo Challenge.


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