Pink Set I Below

Leaf pile i
Leaf pile 1 Ann-Marie Lens Mount Royal Film
Leaf Pile 2 Anne-Marie Lense Mount Royal Film
Leaf Pile 2 Anne-Marie Lens Mount Royal Film

Pink Set II Above

Fire Breathing Dragon
3-Fire Breathing Dragon Capture at Christmas tree lot
Fire Breathing Dragon Anne-Marie film Mount Royal Lens
4-Fire Breathing Dragon Anne-Marie film Mount Royal Lens

Latitude 38 In winter everything turns pink. A bold statement perhaps however from someone who has watched the light for a few years I have noticed the sky, hills and even fallen leafs have a rosy glow to them this time of year. Or in this case the steam from the Chevron plant. I suspect it is because the sun is reaching its point furthest south and is low enough in the sky to refract light though all the particles in the air; fog clouds and burning fire places.
Well that’s my guess. what ever the cause I makes for fantastic photo. At winter Solstice the sun will set directly under the Golden Gate from my vantage point in the East Bay. Can’t Wait!

How do you mark the season’s light change?

Let me know what you think today.

Sally D’s Monday Challenge


17 thoughts

    1. How fun to hop around the bay taking sunset photo 😀
      I like keeping the myth alive that it’s only at Albany bulb on the winter solstice, Easy for me to get to and my friends come out for a viewing with me. You are welcomed of course.


          1. I have selected the “Lock Classic Mode” in my settings file for the app. I can experiment in the field, view the results and keep the combinations that work.

            I might go back to the editing suite sometime in the future, but for now I am content to learn the old-fashioned way.


  1. Love the color in those piles of leaves. Yes, we’ve had some great pink skies. I almost posted a sunrise photo I got a couple of weeks ago of pink clouds in the shape of a giant arrow! Maybe I’ll work that in another time. How great to see the GGB from where you are.

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