Wood and Metal and Flame

Por Menorah

It seems important this year to tell out stories of sharing tradition from different cultures,

Like the Jewish families that have adopted a Christmas practices we have adopted Hanukkah. Our daughter was over for latke and cable light this week.We tried to figure out when we started this practice.The best we could come up with was I made potato pancakes once in a while because that was something my mother did and Jessie was a fan of anything called pancake. We added the Menorah when we were invited to a Hanukkah party where each family was to bring their own Menorah and all were lit. What a wonderful bond-fire they made for all the families. I found this nice small one that looked like a tree of life and I really look forward to bringing it out every Hanukkah.

Our next door neighbors are Muslins from Sudan. Every year they bring us Lamb at the beginning of Ramadan and if we are lucky we are invited to share one of the tasty fast breaking meals. They come to our Christmas Party and we pass along recipes and cutting from our garden as any good neighbors do.

Maybe it is because we live in the bay area and are exposed to a wide variety of people from around the world that we are able to be open to so much diversity. But I would hope that it is because we have open hearts and curious minds, My mother grew up during the depression in a small factory town with many emigrants. She said she learned to curse in 10 languages. Probably where she learned to make potato pancakes, too.

Please I beg you, anyone to get to know someone from a different culture, skin color or station in life, your world will be better off and Mother Earth will thank you.

Please share your stories of crossing cultural lines.


I thank CEE’s Fun Fotos Wood and Metal  that inspired my to go off on this tangent.




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