Berkeley Castle
Berkeley Castle?

 For Thursday Doors I added a Hipstamatic edit to get some seasonal color.
Which do you prefer the header or the edit?

So happy to be back home at Light Words. I found out I could add a big bucket of data for $20 not the $100. I feared. Thanks you Janet.


12 thoughts

  1. I like the graphic nature of your header—it works well—but I am a sucker for that second, Shanghai, edit. Beautiful and whimsical.


  2. Carol, I needed to go on an email diet, and I turned off most of my blogs. Now I want to get back, and they seem to be lost. In the past, a person could turn them on and off and they would still be there. For example, now I don’t know where Norm’s Thursday Doors are, I really liked that one.

    Questions: 1. Do you know of a simple online lesson for using WordPress that a person could just follow 1,2,3? ( I have looked at WordPress instructions and I find them difficult to follow)

    2. Could you give me the link to Norm’s Thursday Doors? And Cee’s challenge too.

    Thanks, your namesake, Carol


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