10 Photos That Make Me Smile

Sunset At Albany Bulb
Sunset At Albany Bulb-Camera+
Red Bud Most Hits
Red Bud Most Hits-native camera
The hill I live on from another Hill
The hill I live on from another Hill-Phototoaster
One of My favorites 2-View of Pedro Hipstamatic Portrait Edit
One of My favorites 2-View of Pedro Hipstamatic Portrait Edit
A Little Barbed wire can't come between us
A Little Barbed wire can’t come between Hisipstamatic Edit

A Rare Bambi Moment I don’t want to forget

The Sunflower Taster
The Sunflower Taster native camera

I could do a top 10 Floral Photos Here’s one

2-Complicata Rose
-Complicata Rose with painterly effect
Ice cream eaters
Ice cream eaters-too many edits to remember

This Photo got so many comments it must be included

Guess Where this sofa stairway to the stars was taken
Guess Where this sofa stairway to the stars was taken-native camera

Last Year’s new Years Selfie

Long shadows New Years Day Pt. Lobos
Long shadows New Years Day 2015 Pt. Lobos-Camera+

Sally Donatello of Lens and Pens did a self-evaluation and I think that is a good but how do you choose? Word Press suggested 5 top post by the numbers. I’m choosing 10 photos that I like for various reasons. Some because I think they are good photos and others because they are a rare and beautiful moment such as deer in the garden and face to face with a big brown bull and of course the wall of hanging sofas.
This year I experimented with new apps and discovered Hipstamatic which is like have a camera in a camera. Also this year, I taught an iPhoto class and 2 of my students went on European trips using only their iPhone cameras and came back with fabulous photos. I am so proud of them. Both were artists to start with but I’m impressed with the courage it took to trust this simple device on a big adventures. Yea Ann and Lee!

Hope your year in review is full of many smiles too.

Which of  my photo makes you smile the most?

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13 thoughts

  1. I love love love this post!!!!
    We’re the couches at ikea?
    Two favs are the ladies on the bench and the flower with droplets – glad I found your blog via Sally – this one post says much about you- and I am looking forward to following in 2016 – peace


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