For Odd Ball Photo Challenge #1

Post Modern Bob Ross
This is Not Post Modern Bob Ross Painting Bob Ross

Somehow to be Post Modern Art, One must say something is not what it is???

This year’s New Years Party costume assignment was to dress as Post Modern Art. Not sure what it PostModernism was we looked it up and still didn’t really know but there seemed to be a cross over between art and technology and surrealism…and…and whatever we wanted it to be. So I became a walking installation of Bob Ross painting himself then I used a painterly App to paint a photo someone took of us. I put all this together just in time for:
CEO’s Odd Ball challenge Number ONE

Here’s The Whole Gestalt 🙂

Bob and Me
Bob and Me

If anyone knows what Postmodernism is I’d be glad to hear from you. Maybe you can tell me if I came near not that I would do anything to change this.


This post won a Blue Ribbon



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