White Flower X Five

Yesterday Allan Smorra in Ohm Sweet Ohm Brushstrokes reminded me of the wonders of the Brushstroke App. Today  Cee’s Fun Foto White Flower Challenge and my wilting Christmas bouquet gave me a chance to play with Brushstrokes and compare to other painterly Smartphone Apps I like Camera+ and Waterlogged.

All the Apps can be found at the Apple App Store (I don’t work for them)

Select any image to see them close up and click through the slide show and tell me what you think. 


P.S. My New smartphone photography class will start up agin Jan 14 at Albany Senior Center.

16 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the mention, Carol. I like the 2nd and 3rd photos (the Camera+ edits) the most. The Waterlogue & Brushstrokes edits are also good ones, I just have a ‘thing’ for the B&Ws today.

    Congrats on starting up your class again. Your students are fortunate to have you as their teacher.


    1. B&W dose fit with wonderful rainy days we are finally getting. I always love B&W maybe because I grew up with black and white TV. Didn’t know Kirk and Spock had yellow shirts for the longest time.

      I hope I get students for my class It is poorly advertised. Do you have any ideas? Promotion is not my strong point.


      1. Facebook and Twitter feeds might help if you have some local followers. Are there any camera clubs that meet there or close by?

        As far as B&W goes—it is my first love. Always has been and perhaps for the very reasons that you put forth. We didn’t have a color TV until well into the ’70s.


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