Other Worldly Images for Sally D’s Macro Photo Challenge

Sea Creatures?

Roots and rocks

Roots and rocks

It looked the paper white would send out its first petal today, but no luck. So I photographed its roots among the rocks.

Mum in the rain

Christmas bouquet in the rain

The Tree is gone and the wilted flowers our outside but still surviving.
Tell me what you think

I need help quick! My Smart Phone class took off with 8 people and half of them have Samsung Galaxies HELP! Please tell me where to look to find out how to take and edit images with something not an iPhone. 

For Sally D’s Lens and Pens

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20 thoughts on “Other Worldly Images for Sally D’s Macro Photo Challenge

  1. Great photos Carol. A lot of the apps for iPhone are available in Googles shop or wherever it is where they get apps. Photoshop, Aviary and Snapseed (?) are free. Most of my Social Snappers have non iPhones so I have to help them out. Once the app is opened it is usually the same processes.


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  4. I really like the flowers in the rain. The droplets are like pearls against the petals.

    Class Notes: You might want to concentrate on the basics of photography, composition, etc. until you get some tips on Samsung devices.


  5. I have a Samsung Galaxy note, ( even though I took this week’s Macro photo with an old Nexus 4), For Samsungs, go to the photo itself, (in gallery) there will be a icon that appears on the top right next to the share button, once you tap the photo. It is an edit button in “studio” – there you can crop, adjust tone, do effects and add some portrait fixes. All pretty basic fixes really. You have to then save the photo and find it again in the gallery as an extra copy ( in the studio folder). I hope that helps. I enjoyed looking at your two images. They are excellent for Macro week. Thanks also for the link


  6. Can’t help with the phone editing issue. I have an iPhone, but mostly edit on my laptop with Picasa 3 (free) after loading my photos onto the laptop and automatically into Picasa. Enjoyed the macros, though and looks like you got some helpful advice.



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