Smart Phone Photography Monday Challenge People

Street Photography


The Muse

I’m posting this with the question: how do I remove the sign? or do I need to?

Dogs and People play in King Tide

The 4th Monday Challenge for  is free choice of animals, people or street photography. See my interactive street photos at

I wonder if the top guy listened and when out to play in the tide? I created the sled show so you could watch the tide go in and out. Click on any photo to see full size pics.

Let me know what you think.

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19 thoughts on “Smart Phone Photography Monday Challenge People

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  3. I like your Street Photography image and agree with Sally—the sign fades away. You can try the Retouch app to get rid of it.


  4. Lovely beach shots – and I agree with Sally on the sign- about how it is not forward and pulling by adding a message –
    But before I read her comment I also liked the sign there because it divides the frame a bit – taking it out would work too – but the vertical tension adds to the rhythm of the moving flow of the sculpture and guy in motion! In fact – this is a very special art photo and needs to be in a frame- great capture and truly a gem!


  5. I love the contrast in the first photo, Carol, and didn’t really pay much attention to the sign at all. The muse seems so above everything, literally and figuratively, and so uplifted, while the man is paying no attention and seems if not downtrodden, at least weighed down. Whatever editing you did works very well.



    • I had to do a lot of editing because the mans face was entirely in the dark. I was so happy it cam out and did have that intense focus that means he is totally missing the beauty and grace of the muse. Which is just what he probably needs,Thanks you for the well thought out comment.
      I’m happy I payed attention to the muse this time. 🙂


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