1-Mallard Hipstamatic Edit
Before editing
2-Before editing

All the ducks were little motorboats zipping through the view finder. We are lucky to see them let alone get a picture.

3-Sandpipers preening


4-Bufflehead trio
4-Bufflehead trio
4-Bufflehead on his own

Equipment-Photos taken with iPhone5s attached to a very high-powered spotting scope

Class with Spotting scope
Class Looking Through Spotting scope

I usually don’t care for fancy expensive equipment to take photos but I sure liked looking through and taking pictures with this big scope. This is what we saw without it.

There are waterfowl out there
There are waterfowl out there under I-80

Thanks to everyone who gave me very good feedback on my Muse photo last week I’m keeping the sign.

Let me know what you think


10 thoughts

  1. An added challenge to the challenge, Carol. I am envisioning those little ‘motorboat’ ducks and how hard it must have been for you to photograph them. You did a good job.

    One question: Did you just put your phone up to the shooting scope and focus/shoot, or was there a mount to hold the iPhone in place while you took your photos?


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