Cee’s Monochrome Weather Challenge

Storm Cloud

Angry Cloud

Last night we experienced  bright lightning and very loud thunder that shook the house and sent me diving  under the covers. I’m pretty sure this is what the cloud loud looked like, but I wasn’t looking.

Earlier in the day it looked like this

Clouds over the bay

Clouds over the bay

Rain on the windshield

Rain on the windshield

After the Storm Petal Fall Monochrome Green

Pear Petals

Pear Petals Hipstamatic

Not really B&W but I wanted to share this as part of our weather. The thing we also experience is green pollen covering our cars. Haven’t come up with a good photo yet…maybe I’ll find ” wash me signs” written in pollen one of these days.

Happy Thursday Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Weather

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