Cee’s Sepia Tones Only Challenge

In Memoria of  The Sunken Boat


Sinking Boat

As soon as you posted the sepia challenge I knew I had to share the sad story of this wrecked boat. It has hung out in Tamales Bay for years and was often  photographed  in its place on private land behind a restaurant.  I had worked hard on this a few years ago to give this moment the  “antique escape a sinking  boat look”  This week I heard someone burned it up to make a YouTube.So sad, but so glad I have this image.

Antique Farm Equipment

Antique Farm Equipment Point Reyes

This old machine stand safe on Point Reyes National Sea Shore Land.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Sepia Tones Only



17 thoughts on “Cee’s Sepia Tones Only Challenge

  1. I heard the same news about this boat, that it had been destroyed. But supposedly it was an accident as the photographer was trying a night time effect of burning steel wool. I do hope he is penalized at least by having to pay for the removal of the waste. That’s just stupidity!


    • I saw a second of the video on the news, yes they were going for an effect but the affect was still destruction. This makes our photos of it even more poignant.. I’ll have to get up there soon and find out if they got fined or cleaned it up. I hope you have some good images of that relic.


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