What Are The Borders Between Photography and Painting?

Quince original
Quince original Native iPhone
Quince Monet Moble Edit 1
Quince Mobile Monet Edit 1
Edit 2
Quince Mobile Monet Edit 2

For Sally D’s Editing Challenge My first love as an artist was water-color. The Mobile Monet Tablet App lets me paint my photos with my fingers, which is wonderfully, tacitly satisfying. I’m wondering at what point have I wandered too far from Photography? Anyone?

For My Smartphone photo class I started to write some practical directions before we went to visit a garden I’d never been to. Instead of How-To words a poem came out. They all liked it and the garden was a magical place.

Photographing in the Garden
Look for light shinning through petals or leafs
Look for light peeking
Between branches
Making shadows that look like something else.

Be a person quietly contemplating

Photograph someone in ecstasy or
Simply wandering.

Is there a shed, a wall a window all angles and corners
Soften by vines and flowered waiting to be remembered?

Birds and fairies  may be hiding here and there
Take note, take their picture if you can catch them unaware

Above all look into the depth of a rose or any other poesy
Take its portrait when you’ve found its soul.

© Carol Carlisle

Students Photographing the Magical Garden
Students Photographing the Magical Garden

Happy Leap Day Everyone

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22 thoughts

  1. Love your editing. It really suits the subject. I use the waterlogue app a lot for my watercolours. It is like magic seeing how the image appears on the phone – almost like you are painting it yourself


  2. I like your images. As to the photography/painting question – I think the digital apps available now are just another tool for the artist. They become yet another way of expressing ourselves and extend the visual language we have available. Perhaps the name for this work is – Photography Plus. I have used that name as the title of my blog as exploring this area is a great passion of mine. https://photographyplusblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/in-a-flash-slowly/


    1. It is a great joy to hear you read my poem…they are so easy to pass over with so much else around us.
      I had so much fun “painting these photos thanks for your attention
      Happy March!


  3. Carol, both edits are beautiful. The first one (my favorite) is a wonderful watercolor and the second one is a great illustration with the addition of the black “ink outlines”.

    The photo of the garden gives me an appreciation of the multitude of choices that confronted you and your class. It must have been a good lesson in slowing down and working with a subject to get the best images.


    1. The class was enchanted by the garden, They were a verbal group but here as you can see they focused. Interestingly many of us came out with similar shots
      Thanks for the feed back on the painted photos. I’m now thinking about what paper to print them on…just another layer of the art form

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