It’s  Spring

1 Lapigeria
1 Lapigeria Rings in Spring

March 7

It feels like spring this morning
the world is bright and wet,
the turkeys are calling for their mates,
flowers sway and dance
you can’t tell them is is winter still

Let Me kNow what You Think.

I’ll be in a warmer clime next week, often out of computer reach, however may post from my phone. Will be posting on Facebook, anyone who wants to see a 70 year-old frolic at Spring Break in Cancun (the Yucatan) go Here

For this adventure I’m tempted to get a DSLR camera if anyone knows of an easy to use light weight one I’m open to suggestions, For now I’m taking my iPhone and a nice FuJi point and shoot.

Sally D’s Lens and Pen

14 thoughts

    1. I’m with Sally on this one. The B&W is a beauty.

      One thought about getting a new camera for the trip next week: Will you have enough time to learn to the features and comfortable enough with them it to use it?

      Have fun in the sun,


  1. I am sure it is spring in the Yucatan. Go – kick up your heels! Leave the turkeys on their own. Have a wonderful time.


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