While Walking Through the Park(ing lot) One Day..
I Came upon a Bioswales

Whats a Wal
Whats a Bioswales?

  Bioswales are landscape elements designed to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water. They consist of a swaled drainage course with gently sloped sides (less than six percent) and filled with vegetationcompost and/or riprap.[1]:19 The water’s flow path, along with the wide and shallow ditch, is designed to maximize the time water spends in the swale, which aids the trapping of pollutants and silt.

A common application is around parking lots, where substantial automotive pollution is collected by the paving and then flushed by rain. The bioswale, or other type of biofilter, wraps around the parking lot and treats the runoff before releasing it to the watershed or storm sewer. Wikipedia

 May there be more Biosweles in the world.
Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Happy First Day Of Spring!!!!

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  1. Happy first day of Spring? Can only mean you are in the northern Hemisphere. In my primary school days I am sure teachers told us that the seasons commenced and ended with equinoxes and solstices. In the intervening years someone has taken it upon themselves to commence season on the first day of March, June, September and December. And EVERY year the media talks about the dry or wet or cold or warm few weeks of the season.. This rant is just saying I agree with you and Happy First day of Autumn for us Down Under.


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