Sun Through Rose/ Hipstamatic Lucifer Lens
Flower collection
Flower Bower Hipstamatic

Every rose, flower, fruit is blooming or done blooming today 4-4-16…
What will Summer bring?

Let Me know what you think

For  Lens and Pens

12 thoughts

  1. Outstanding. We don’t have that many flowers yet. Just starting to bloom. The ones you posted are beautiful.



  2. Carol, I really like how you captured the light coming through the petals of the rose in the first photo. It emphasizes the delicate membrane and color in a most memorable fashion. I can almost “smell” the bright burst of sunlight radiating outward.


    1. I swear I was captured by it’d light as it drew me out into the yard that evening.
      Sometimes that kind of light flares or becomes washed out this time it was just right.
      I love that you can smell the burst of sunlight …Cool!
      That rosebushes very old. I wonder if that is part of the magic.


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