I Trespassed for Purple

Stand pf Iris
Stand of Iris from the road

On the way home from writing group today I passed this stand of iris. Or should I say I was stopped by this stand of Iris. Today’s Color Your World color is Purple! There was no debating I got out and started taking pictures from the road. iPhones don’t have great zooms to I went up their drive way to get

Iris closerAnd Closer

Don't you love the striped tongue?
Don’t you love the striped tongue?

While trespassing there I am reminded of the iris garden at my childhood home where I  playing sword-fight with the iris’ pointed leaves. I’m sure that  bedeviled my mother. Now I just tiptoe into people’s yards. Anyone else ever use plants as toys as a child or trespass for photos?

Being of a certain age now I have a lot of purple around which I though I would use but these flowers showed up today and need to new show off.

Happy Purple Day







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