Embracing The Wild Sally D’s Nature Challenge

“There is a sense of wild that comes with outdoor experiences in the West“…Sally Donatello

May Day

May Day

On a Pacific Coast Ridge great pines dwarf us as we dance-up the sun on the 1st day of May.


Kite Girl Albany Beach

This beach is 6 blocks from where I live, the waves have been gentled by their trip though the Golden Gate and across the bay. Folks nap while the children and dogs paddle in the surf.  Every time I’m there it is different.

Kite flyer Hipstamatic Edit

Kite flyer Hipstamatic Edit

I’m letting the light leaks from the filter speak for the dynamic power of this place.

What do You think?

Monday is supposed to be Nature images for Sally D’s Digital Photography Challenge is often hard to separate humans and nature.  We are defined by place as much as we influence the environment. The Daily Post for 5/5 is Beach and I had already had this one out in the world 5/1. Enjoy


Contemplating The Bay

4 thoughts on “Embracing The Wild Sally D’s Nature Challenge

  1. May Day has such memories for me. I really like your capture and Hipstamatic’s effects on the girl with the kite. There is something thought provoking about the light and tails hiding her face. Happy Photo Challenge.


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