Comfrey a herb used for centuries to knit bones together, the tiny hairs act like medicinal velcro . The vigorous growing habit fills the garden with large leaves and sweet seated flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Be earful it can go wild and take over,

Bee on Comfrey
Bee on Comfrey

Both are taken with iPhone 5s and edited in Hipstamatic. Tell me why you think

For Sally D’s Macro Challenge for more about the art of Smart Phone Photography and to join the challenge go HERE

11 thoughts

  1. That last image is a sweet capture and made even sweeter with Hipstamatic. Now I realize that it is another herb that is used widely on the West Coast, and I saw in my recent travels. Thanks. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. It is so prevalent here I didn’t know it was a West coast herb. If you get to the East Bay out here I’ll show you around some wonderful gardens.
      Thanks it’s always surprising what Hipstamatic can do.


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