Let’s Play “What’s It” for Cee’s Fun Fotos

It’s a What’s-a-ma-call-it

Jessie and Daniel at the Taiwanese Festival

1-Jessie and Daniel at the Taiwanese Festival

Not my foto. My Daughter and her boyfriend  had their  picture taken in a… holding…?

Took this at the Asian Market to use for the Cee’s Odd Ball challenge have fun guessing “What’s it”




3-Used this Photo a while back anyone remember?

For Today’s Fun Foto Challenge Cee suggest “This challenge is to post a photo or two that you think viewers might be not be able to identify.  And let bloggers guess as to what object you photographed.  This is meant to be fun and hopefully will get us interacting with each other more than usual.”
I can’t wait for  your  guesses   Please read other’s comments if you need help. I will post answer Friday right here…
1.Soup Dumplings. Like steamed wan tons with actual soup inside.
2.Dragon fruit
3.Ceiling askew!!

My last weeks Fun Foto  A Single Flower got a Blue Ribbon thanks Cee  🙂 🙂 😀022414-feature-banner-1

16 thoughts on “Let’s Play “What’s It” for Cee’s Fun Fotos

  1. The first is maybe an oversized display of candy, like bon-bons? The 2nd I’ve seen at the store…dragon fruit, and the last I remember seeing, but don’t remember where it was, but a cool sideways picture of a beautiful ceiling and hanging lights. 🙂


  2. I am guessing before I read everyone else’s ideas: No idea (I have one actually, but it’s not polite). Dragon fruits. And a ceiling, skew. Interesting choices!


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