COB Outdoors Funnies

Storm Trouper Pup?

Storm Trouper Pup?

Why? What? OMG! You may be saying….Note the grass at the bottom of the photo, those are fox tails. They often get in a dog’s nose, eyes, or ears with a painful and expensive results. At our local dog park some owners protect their dogs with a Field Net. Any Questions?

Redwood tree

Where’s Werland?

During my iPhotograpy Class photo safari I tried to photograph the redwood towering over the nursery Flowerland this happened! Kept it just for The Oddball Challenge. Enjoy.
One more just for COB from Flowerland.
Hill of Beans

Was told the nursery folks entertain themselves with sign making. They sure entertain me You too I hope
Happy Sunday Cee’s OddBall Challenge



13 thoughts on “COB Outdoors Funnies

  1. Those are great odd-ball photos! The dog mask, guess it’s good for protection. We had those foxtail grass things in our yard this year.. tough to get rid of, but finally did.


    • Weeds! are no fun 😦
      Glad you got rid of them This is a very big park all you can do is protect your pup. Foxtails got under our dogs skin caused pain and suffering. To our pocket books too.
      Happy Sunday Anyway 😀


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