Expressive Nature for Sally D’s Macro Photo Challenge

Passion Flower Native Camera

Passion Flower /Native Camera

I could crop and fiddle with this. But as it is there are so many details reviled like the spotted antenna and the nipped petal, I chose to leave the passion-flower, rocket ship as it was hanging ready to take off before a cracked painted wall. I hope you opened the post and can see the header that makes the flower look like an outrageous purple punk hair cut.
Here’s what they look like hanging from the vine

passion flower vine

Passion-flower vine

I’m trying to grow my own but so far no flowers. This one covers a whole wall at the local nursery where I took my IPhoto Class for a photo shoot. Interestingly enough the flowers were so wonderful they all were practicing selfies with the flowers. Almost as if the plants were members of their own family. Which might be true. If only we all could remember we ARE Mother Natures Children!

Here’s another outrageous flower flaunting her stuff.

Poppy Center/ Native Camera

Poppy Center/ Native Camera iPhone 5s

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For Sally D’s Smart Devise Macro Challenge visit her site to learn more about smart phone photography and how to participate in this challenge.


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