WPC Curving into Sumer Solstice

Camera Created Curve

Camera Created Curve

Garden Gate

The Husband Created Garden Gate

Shadow Play

New Year’s Day Shadow Play

This is my annual New Years Shadow Photo. I’ll take a Summer solstice shadow photo this weekend at the same place if I can it might be too short.

The year curves around from the dark of winter to bright light of Summer. The Full moon welcomes in the First day of Summer. With a Sage Full Moon which only happens once every 19 years. That is two full moons in the same sign. This time It’s in Gemini. Doubling everything twice including our emotions which are stretched out beyond breaking. Expect less of yourself, don’t push, be kind very kind to your self. You may be even wondering who you are, where you end and another begins. There is an extraordinary amount of light right now align with it. Ask that sol show you your soul. Every wise, sage, being that steps up to the challenge of living the life they are called to add peace to the world.

Didn’t expect to write all this for a Weekly Photo Challenge Curve however there it is. Many Blessing to Us All.

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