Transamerica Building from Montgomery St.
Transamerica Building from Montgomery St. At Sunset
Lisa's Hands at Solstice sunset
Lisal’s Hands at Solstice Sunset

Our 96-year-old fiend joined us at our Solstice Sunset visit to the beach. At one point she stepped in from of me and held up her hands and ask me to take the this picture. I wrap my arms around her tiny, but sturdy, body and held my iPhone between her and her hands to get the shot. A sweet unforgettable moment.
I’ve seen many sunsets  from this year’s sunset from around the world and they all seemed to warm and brightly lit. Mother Nature’s gift to a weary world.

Here is a link to Sally D’s Smart Phone Sunset Post

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  1. Thanks for sharing the story about your 94 year old friend. Your photo of her hands at sunset has a poetic feel to it. My mom had been in the sunset of her life, and just died at age 98. She was amazing and I miss her so much.


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