This Morning in the Garden: Contact Sheet

Screen Shot
Now We Call It A Screen Shot

The morning sun lit up the garden I wanted to capture  some images quick before the squirrel got to them!  They’re like children how do I choose one for the Macro Challenge?   Here’s two  Just because.

1 Sunflower
1 Fresh Sunflower
2 Sunflower
2 Older Sunflower its been ‘s the house for a while

Love to hear what you think and which you would choose.

For Sally D’s Macro Photo Challenge

10 thoughts

  1. Beautiful colors on the sunflowers, Carol. I like your choice—and the one to the left would be a close second.


  2. Enjoyed all faces of the sunflowers–one of summer’s most brilliant of floral beauties and food for the birds. Even enjoyed the image where the face is partially hidden. Happy Photo Challenge.


  3. Beautiful shots. The tomatos look like the cherry tomatos that Dad used to have in our back yard. That vine would get 6 feet high and was always loaded with those tomatos.



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