Oddball Adventures

Worlds Most Beautiful Starbucks

Yes It really is a Starbucks

Yes It really is a Starbucks with Patio Seating

Burro Ride In San Miguel Allende

Going nowhere fast

Going nowhere fast

Leon Airport entrance

What No Scotties?

What No Scotties?

Me Stuck At LAX The Scottie and Burro Knew Better

Overnight Accommodations

Overnight Accommodations

Warning: NEVER take the United 7pm Flight from Leon Mexico to LA It Only has a one hour and a half layover to SF.  20 out of 30 people making the transfer DID NOT make it so we had to sleep at LAX till 6:30 in the morning. Getting off the tarmac to a cattle-car like bus, gong through customs, running a mile outside on the curb to the next gate,  going through security again to get to your next plane at LAX should be an Olympic event if it isn’t already.
All I got was an upgrade to Economy Plus which entitled me to a half c cup of lukewarm coffee before the other poor souls. I wanna go back to Mexican Starbucks jut not on United!!!

For Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge which comes out on Friday’s check her out and join the fun.

4 thoughts on “Oddball Adventures

  1. The Starbucks looks pretty relaxing. Is it as expensive as the ones in the USA?
    I think I’m to old to try and change planes at LAX. lol



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