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      1. the tomato photos are tucked away – but I promise to share if I find some -I looked online to see if the festival had any online pics – and did not find them-
        anyhow – quick story – 2003 was our first year in Virginia and our first year at the Hank we tomato festival – but they had problems that year and had to have outside tomatoes trucked in…. and they gave away free crates – they said they could not sell them if they were not Hanover ones – ! so we brought a crate home and shared with neighbors – it was super fun.
        a few large ones like here

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        1. What a wonderful story So sorry I I’m slow getting to it. Food, art and sharing what a way to become part of a new community!
          Somewhere I saw National Put zucchinis on your neighbors porch day listed. Be careful it could happen to you
          Happy end of Summer

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          1. oh happy end of summer to you too! and by the way – that was the first time I had fried green tomatoes – soooo good!
            and the zucchini on the porch i have heard of – we had to stop trying to grow them because of stink bugs – really – not worth the trouble – but tomatoes and peppers do well


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            1. Intrigued by the story of tomatoes. Oh yes, loved the image, and your guy is just above the two in the foreground. What also caught my eye was your reference to stinkbugs. For many years I have studied the order Hemiptera, of which the stinkbugs are members. but in their own suborder Heteroptera. Enough of the taxonomy, for as I said, it was your use of the North American vernacular, *Stinkbug” that caught my eye. As your probably aware in the UK they are called, Shieldbgs, but referenced in all my readings was the fact that in the States they are called Stinkbugs. I’m waffling, sorry, for all I’m trying to say is, that I have never come across it in everyday use until now, apart from myself, and that is only in that I too make reference to its use by folk across the pond.

              I do have a question though, and it is, did you give up on the zucchini’s because of the smell the bugs produced when disturbed, or was it the damaged they caused? If you have, or could direct me to some pics of the bug I would be well pleased.

              Enjoy tomatoes I do, thanks for sharing,


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              1. oh wow mick – your reply was fabulous !
                and for over a decade I have heard hear critters called stink bugs – but loved your scientific reply – with all that humbleness – which is sometimes rare in academia – so kudos for that
                – I can send better pics later – but I think I have a photo of one on my other blog (letter S for stink bug)
                I will send link after this –
                and yes – I stopped growing the zucchini because of the damage from these critters – the leaves were always chewed up – but the breeding ground grossed me out too – super tired of seeing a leaf with all those little eggs –
                and the first couple of years I never had this issue – anyhow – zucchini is cheap enough to buy – and I keep it simple these days because I have less time to garden – brb

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                1. Wow, humbled I am.
                  The link worked fine, thank you. Unfortunately, as good as the image is, itt’s a ventral view, not ideal for determining an ID, Hopefully, (forgive my impertenence), your other image/s will show a dorsal view, fingers crossed

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              2. I sent the link for the photo of my stink bug –
                and I think there is another photo u would like!
                if the link does not work – let me know.
                and carol – many thanks to you for this post and a chance to meet Mick!

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                  1. Hi C – you definitely should post about it… I am slowing down my posts so I can;t do it right now – and side note – I am super glad to have met Mick via the stinkbugs – lol – and his blog is very cool. Love when this happens…..


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