This week, show us a mirror.

Waiting out the storm at Leon Guanajuato Airport
Man waiting out the storm at Leon/Guanajuato Airport

What are you looking at?

Man In the Spoon
Man In the Spoon

At  Sunday brunch I noticed a ceiling fan reflected in a teaspoon. Automatically I took out my iPhone and started clicking away much to the surprise of my fellow dinners who couldn’t see what I saw.  “Crazy” or “she has gone around the bend” may have been said but that is the fun photo I came up with. Don’t you think it’s perfect for today’s Weekly Photo Challenge Mirror.

One More

Drink the forrest
Drink the forest

BTW: I heard this on some trivia show. The answer to what is the most photographed thing is a mirror.

Happy Weekend Be Safe Out There.

11 thoughts

  1. Love the “spoon shot”. Also, back in the olden days before automatic focus cameras, I learned that if you took a picture in a mirror of yourself, and you were ten feet away from the mirror you had to set your distance for 20 feet. That was when I was using my Argus C-3 35mm camera. Still have that camera somewhere.



    1. I remember that now that you mention it about reflections doubling the distance.
      Did I use that Argus? Really cool camera with a reverse image if I’m thinking of the right one.
      Hey did you feel the tumbler last night?


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