Watermelon Cactus
Watermelon Cactus

This photomontage is created from the yellow watermelon seen in previous post and a tiny blooming barrel cactus I photographed in Mexico. Both images were circular so they fit together nicely to create what appears to me to be a stained-glass-comet all thanks to alchemy of Pixlr

Ain’t Nature Grand!

Take a look at the next image, straight from the native camera on my iPhone, all I did was crop out most of the power line.

One Puffy Cloud
One Puffy Cloud

Love to hear what you think

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19 thoughts

    1. Playful sky yes. We have had just fog for weeks so the puffy clouds made me happy for sure.
      Cactus portrait maybe so. Had to do something to take both images out of the ordinary to create an emotional response
      Happy Monday


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