Reflection of Autumn Colors for Sally D’s Nature Challenge

Autumn Reflection

Autumn Reflection

The layers are created by the reflections in the door.Pixar edit but no overlay. There is a man on his computer, is he inside or outside?  Spooky!

Stand of Aspen Hipstamatic

Stand of Aspen Hipstamatic on Albany Hill

I took this last fall probably shared it here. When I went back to look at it last week the trees were black and leafless not from fall just burned up from the drought. There was nothing to photograph.  This was not out in the desert but 3 blocks from my house.

Warning! My iPhone did it’s up grade last night and now it’s frozen. All I have is a spinning ball. What’s funny I don’t even remember authorizing the upgrade. Any idea? I’ll get to the Apple store ASAP of course..

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9 thoughts on “Reflection of Autumn Colors for Sally D’s Nature Challenge

  1. Those aspens certainly strut their stuff. Oh, your details about the tree’s fate this year is heart wrenching. Every time we get rain in the Mid Atlantic, I wish that I could send it to the West Coast. Happy Photo Challenge.


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