fStreet Party
Street Party

Going against all the rules sometimes I just have to take a photo straight into the sun. I took this photo at Albany’s annual street party last month when the sun sets directly West at the end of town. Later that night I captured one of our street signs

Dinner with Albany
Dinner with Albany Sign 

Cee’s Fun Fotos  asked for yellow and JNW Halloween Challenge  today is Party.
Not too spooky but festive I hope. Ok one more! These bloom very year just in time for Day of the Dead  and or Halloween


Me and Marigolds
Me and Mexican Marigolds

10 thoughts

  1. The marigolds are pretty, but that first photo is a grabber. What a beautiful burst of sunlight, Carol. I can feel the warmth.


    1. The sun set light around the Fall equinox is extraordinary I’m always looking for ways to take advantage of it. This one was a homer. Oh so sad for the Giants. But now Go Cubs.I hope they make it all the way! A female president and the Cubbies win the World Series Wow!!

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