Daily Post & Sally D’s Macro Photo Challenge: The World Has Become Surreal

Safety Pin in the Skt

Safety-Pin in the Sky Pixlr edit

I couldn’t think of anything to photograph on the macro scale this week. Only the safety-pin that is all over social media caught my attention. This is the one on my wooly vest overlaid with last night sunset.

So many metaphors come to mind.

I have taken to re-reading the last Harry Potter Books to make sense of the world. Interesting how much wisdom can be found in fantasy.

Let me know what you thinking and feeling this week.

I’m Double dipping

The Daily Post for 11/15  asked for In the Style of  Yesterday for Sally D’s Macro ChallengeI was thinking of what I’ve heard many in England are doing in light of Brexit is  wearing a safety pin to show they are a refuge for those in need of safety. I’m not sure I got it right.  I created this photomontage in the style of Magritte to put another spin on the Brexit Safety-Pin. Personally I feel like the safety-pin is there to hold me together.


9 thoughts on “Daily Post & Sally D’s Macro Photo Challenge: The World Has Become Surreal

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    • The whole story arch in Harry Potter of good verses evil and prejudice is stunningly similar to what is happening now. It is good to get a metaphorical grasp on NOW. Watching one of the movies might be good too because the boo. Escaping into something meaningful is helpful!! Happy Reading


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