Paper whites
Paper whites
Big rock in Mexico
Big Rock in Mexico

I knew I would find a place for this somewhere

Okay Real Paper

My paper Drawer
My Paper Drawer
Rock paper Sizors
Rock Paper Scissors

Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary stones from my childhood collection. My Mom was a big time rock collector.

My Last weeks Post for CFF won a Blue Ribbon Thank You Cee 😀   022414-feature-banner-2.jpg

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rock Paper Scissors

is Rock Paper is Scissors or as my daughter learned on the playground in Northern California. Roshamabo.I had had never heard it called that until she came home with this new game Roshambo  Anyone else ever heard it called that?

Get Ready to laugh at Sheldon Coopers version of Rock Paper Scissors. No matter what you call it is fun.



5 thoughts

  1. I first saw it called Roshambo in a text roleplaying game many years ago, but until now that was the only place I’d heard that name for it.


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