Final Which Way Challenge of 2016 May It Be Smooth and Clear

🎼I Went for a Walk on Such A Winter’s Day🎸

Bay Watcher

Bay Watcher

In the cold half-light of a late December’s day I kept singing The Mama and Pappas song “California Dreaming” as we ambled around Point Isabel enjoying the first day it was warm enough to be outside for the first time in a long while. We were in a California dream world? Everything gray and silver  people and dogs and children appeared and then dissolved before our eyes caught in the glare of low riding sun.

Setting Sun

Setting Sun

I am happy to be saying farewell  to 2016 even though the path to future is uncertain. This Path to Bethlehem Display that appears every year on a hillside in El Cerrito gives me hope that there are stories that will be remembered and told again and again. Not only the story of Journey to Bethlehem, but also, the story of the Sikh gardener from India, Sundar Shadi, who created the display as a gift to his adopted country America. I stopped by 3 times this year. Here is my winter solstice Panorama I captured on that cold clear night.

Sundar Shai Display

Sundar Shadi Display

Enjoy the Journey into 2017
May You Live! Defy! Thrive! Shine!

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – December 21, 2016

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