Music From Guanajuato Mexico

Listening and Playing
Listening and Playing

Since It’s Year of The Rooster

Noise Maker
Noise Maker

One of My Favorite Tunes about Music



Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Music

8 thoughts

  1. LOLOL … I was expecting some Mexican music. I love Mexico and have been there many times; all different parts. Cabo San Lucas was a little disappointing since they only have music at night. Although the ship stay 2 days and we could go there at night I was a little concerned about the tender boats bringing us back in the dark. I don’t swim. I enjoyed it from the ship. Our balcony faced Cabo. The music was loud enough to hear.
    Wonderful entry for Cee’s challenge.
    Isadora 😎


    1. Nice Story I guess I should have put up a Mexican serenade. I liked the black and white music notes of that Video.
      We went to Ensenada and saw the tour boats docked. They looked lonely to on the water while we enjoyed the night life. Guanajuato is real Mexico we were often the only Americans which was delicious. Fortunately my daughter is a good tour guide.

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